December 11th, 2009

  • mansch

Kazan, USSR, 1930

Может было не знаю

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via vintagephoto
из библиотеки Университета Дюк.

Фотографии Казани и путешествия по Волге Тут много интересного!

PS Эти фотки делали 2 американца:
Fetter и Eichelberger так вот у Феттера было 2 месячное путешествие в Казань и около Казани.

During his stay in the Soviet Union, he spent “six weeks with a Russian family in Kazan on the Upper Volga,” as he wrote, “in a very livable, although not pretentious room all to myself <…>, and with arrangements to take my meals at a boarding house next door and to take Russian lessons <…>. can see the Volga from the drawing room of the boarding house, and Kazan is a quiet, and at the same time an almost interesting place."

Если интересно переведу )